Screen Protector Instructions

Step 1

Open packaging. Inside, please find the screen protector and included DIY tools:

  • Dust cloth × 1
  • Dust collection sticker + extra × 1
  • Alcohol wipe × 1

Step 2

Use the dust cloth to clean the screen. Remove any dust or dirt.

(If there is no unremovable oil marks or dirt, do not use the alcohol wipe on the mobile phone screen or glass screen protector, to avoid affecting the special anti-fouling layer.)

Step 3

Use the dust collection sticker to remove fine dust.

Step 4

Remove the screen protector from the white plastic sheet. Do not touch the inside of the protector, to avoid leaving fingerprints.

Step 5

Align the handset hole with the edge of the screen.

Step 6

Once you’ve confirmed the positioning, press the screen protector surface; it will stick by itself.

Step 7

Use the dust cloth to push out any remaining bubbles.